XXIV International RAKU workshop

Alu Zagreb Grafički odjel

From 10th to 20th July we are organizing XXIV International Raku workshop where artists from around the world will be exchanging experiences and knowledge by working together. We would like to invite you to final exhibition that will be held on 20th of July at Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš at 18:00.
This event is organized with support of Tourism office Vrbovsko, city Vrbovsko and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

Workshop participants are:


-YULIA REPINA from Russia, St. Petersburg

-DIJANA TRTANJ from Rijeka


-NADA BENC ŠTUKA from Zagreba

-VESNA OSOJNIČKI from Plemenitaš

Wood Fire Festival - fundraiser

Alu Zagreb Grafički odjel

On web page Indiegogo we started a foundraiser to gather sufficient resources to purchase material for wood fired kiln for ceramic. Such a kiln woudl give us opportunity to start brand new type of workshops:

Wood Fire Festival

Wood fire festival would be free art workshop for professional artist from all around the world, that would gather for period of 10-14 days in Plemenitaš, Croatia. Artists would create amazing art, exchange experiences and leave their art piaces in our permanent collection for everyone to visit and see. If you are interested in helping us out in organizing such an event please visit link below:

Akcije prikupljanja sredstva

Thank you in advance.

OLR Plemenitaš

XXIII Internacional Raku Workshop

Schedule 18-28 July 2016

Participants: Alan Lacovetsky from Canada, Thatre Muangkaew from Thailand, David Binns from United Kingdom, from Croatia: Danijela Pičuljan, Nada Štuka Benc, Ljiljana Grahovac-Fučkor, Vesna Osojnički.

14.7. 2016
- Arrival of Alan Lacovetsky from Canada

- Arrival of David Binns from United Kingdom and Thatre Muangkaew from Thailand

- Official start date of workshop
- arrival of rest of the participants

- presentation of Alan Lacovetsky (presentation of art work, techniques...)

- canoeing down the river Kupa

- presentation of Thatre Muangkaew (presentation of art work, techniques...)

- trip to park Kamačnik

- starting of firing
- presentation of David Binns (presentation of art work, techniques...)

- setting up for final exhibition
- opening of final exhibition (12:00 noon).
- socializing with guests, media, government representatives...

- trip to Zagreb/ continental Croatia

Final departures of workshop participants

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XXI Internacional Raku Workshop

From 4th to 10th August OLR Plemenitaš is hosting XXI International Raku workshop. This year we have a privilege of welcoming:

1. Pavel Vasilev, BA, National Art College Sofia
2. Vesela Stamenova, MA, National Art College Sofia
3. Denis Franušić, BA, Academy of Fine Art Rijeka
4. Vesna Osojnički, MA, Academy of Fine Art Ljubljana

Additional workshop places are available with participation fee.
Theme of XXI workshop: Free choice | Open
Workshop participants will create their artwork from 4th to 10th August in Plemenitaš. We encourage everyone interested to come and visit us in that period. Final exhibition of the workshop will be opened on Sunday 10th of August at 16:00.
Visitors will have opportunity to explore our existing art collection, XXI workshop newcomers and our sculpture park.

We are expecting you…

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Now available: Resident Programs

Oblikovna likovna radionica Plemenitaš offers its inspirational space for creative artists from all around the world. Our workshop space, both interior and exterior is ideal for ceramics, paining, sculpting or any other creative activity you can think off. Would you like to work in nature? Take refreshing dip in river Kupa? Be in 1 hour drive distance away from sea coast or capital? Well, you can now at OLR Plemenitaš. We are expecting your call…

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Summer ceramic workshop 2013

Event: Annoucement, Date of announcement: 21.11.2012

We are continuing with commercial workshops for groups and individuals interested in art. Traditionally we offer ceramics workshops specialized in Raku technique; however we can customize workshops and incorporate other techniques and other art expressions such as painting or sculpturing.

There are two types of workshops depending on its duration and intensity. We offer one week duration workshop and/or weekend workshops that are spread over 3 weekends. At the moment, both are available in late spring, summer, or early fall.

Workshops incorporate various modeling techniques, glazing and firing. Other details are usually customized to fit the needs and interests of participants.

Weekend workshop 21.6.2013 - 23.6.2013

One week workshop 24.6.2013 - 28.6.2013

If u would like to receive additional information regarding workshops please contact us via email or telephone.

Examples of previous workshops...

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